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Underground tapes for the analogue race.

Metal Defiance is well known as the oldest extreme & underground Fanzine in Greece, since 1993.

Metal Defiance Productions is our latest indipendent activity, based  to our love and dedication to the cassette format and analogue sound. Main target is to release only cassettes from  fave bands that deserve our/your attention and physical support!
We are the cassette generation, we are still analogue listeners! All our releases will be always limited editions, hand numbered, with high quality analogue sound, under the permission of the bands/artists. No bootlegs here!


We have open eyes and ears for interesting bands who would like to release their music in tape through Metal Defiance. You must send a complete pack (bio, full album or demo tracks, no You tube links please) using our contact form and most important, we must like your work to reply.

-Trades are not always acceptable, only selective cassette releases (especially pro/duplicated) are welcome. That means we must like the band/release you will offer.

-Supporting a band or any underground label of your choice, can only mean one thing: 
Buying their stuff. That is how you keep them both ''alive'' and encouraging them to continue that they are doing!

- For us, quality is most important than quantity.

Thank you and keep the analogue alive