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UPOMING RELEASE : FIRTAN - ''Niedergang'' Limited tape edition

Metal Defiance have the honour to announce the alliance with a great band. FIRTAN's majestic debut album Niedergang, will be released in limited tape edition. More details & release date t.b.a.

Since 2010 Firtan from Southern Germany have been combining influences from a variety of musical genres into a raw, driving and yet cinematic sound. Influenced by bands such as
Thyrfing, Agalloch and Emperor their music is composed of elements ranging from Black and Pagan Metal to Progressive- and Post-Rock alongside orchestral sounds which are supported by intense vocal performances. Firtan got to play various shows and festivals in Germany, Austria,Switzerland, the UK and Romania supporting bands like Imperium Dekadenz, Satyricon, Finntroll and Ne Obliviscaris.